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"We see approximately 100 patients every day at the Walk in Centre and I feel that the Guide is giving much the same message as we are in promoting self-help after treatment."

Mike Corr, Senior Health Promotion Specialist, Croydon NHS Walk-in Centre

You have done an excellent job with the brochure. We are very impressed and look forward to working with you again. We shall be recommending you as and when. Well done guys and many thanks!

Cliff, Harefield Hospital Radio

"Our advertising experience with AP Ltd has been very straight forward from the design to payment of the account. As a new business we were unsure of exactly what we wanted within the advertisement, however we were advised at each stage of the design. We were able to include photographs of our newly decorated salon and were also able to amend the wording of the advertisement, to include our extended range of treatments, until we were totally satisfied.

Communication was easy and AP Ltd were quick to respond. When the final draft of the advertisement arrived we were very pleased as it was exactly as we required. Cash flow is very important to us at this stage and an important part of the agreement was the staged repayment of the fees.

Overall a very positive experience and we will definitely  use the company again when we next advertise. We have no hesitation in recommending AP Ltd."
J Halls-Bryan, The Beauty Spot

"Any information which allows patients to make an informed decision about their care / treatment etc is always beneficial. If patients can help themselves with minor self care ailments then they would also be helping other patients access GP services within a more appropriate timeframe. Could you please send 50 of the booklets"

Melanie Walker, Practice Manager, Peel House Medical Practice

"Whilst in the waiting room on a recent visit to the dentist I was very interested in the Self Care Guide which was on the table. I work with the elderley and I would like to display this booklet for them to look through."

Linda Charles-Warden, Jephson Housing Association

"We recently received some advertising booklets of the Self Care Guide, A-Z of Self Care and useful helplines, which staff, patients and doctors found very useful and informative so thank you very much for sending them. If possible could you send us another 100 copies as they seem very popular and we have ran out!"

Callum Priestley, Balderton Surgery, Nottinghamshire

"On reading the magazine I thought that the contents would be very helpful to our patients on everyday illnesses.  We do have this information on our website, but as we know not all patients have access to a computer to gain this information.

I feel that if patients had one of these magazines it would help reduce telephone calls to the surgery and encourage patients to self-help, it would also be very helpful when the surgery is closed to reduce calls to emergency doctors and even visits to A&E. It would be great if you could send 50 copies to the surgery."

Jenny Smedley, Lockfield Surgery

"I have read your Community Care Guide and think that it as a great resource for the residents of Strawberry Vale, providing exactly the range of local information which we want to ensure that they have access to. Which is why I would like to order copies to display during the opportunities Fair and distribute around the estate."

Mark Healey, Green Man Community Centre

"I thought I would like let you know that our nurses think this is a brillant booklet as they will be able to give it to our patients when they come in for minor things. Thank you for sending the free copies of the Self Care Guide A-Z of self care and useful helplines. I note on the leaflet you sent that we can order more FREE copies of the guide if we need them. If you could send us 50 or so we would be more than willing to hand them out to our patients whom I feel sure would find them most helpful.

Lesley Cocks, Welland Medical Practice

"Further to my telephone call, as discussed, I would like to receive approximately 10 copies of your publication (free of charge as mentioned) - CCG Community Care Guide. Colleagues within Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group found the booklet useful and interesting. Many thanks."

Louise Talbot, Secretary to the Governing Body,NHS Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group

"I saw the magazine and liked the variety of useful information that it has and would like it circulated to the community event where we engage with people of diffrent walks of life. There will be organisations, residents, professionals, etc. I will be doing 150 copies for the goody bags for the attendees."

Kingsway Project

"Thank you for the free copies of the above guide which I think will be very useful for our outpatients."

Shirley Green, Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

"We are currently running a patient education campaign in the Practice, encouraging them to consider other options before booking an appointment with the GP for minor ailments (as with every Practice, we are bulging at the seams at the moment with the demand for appointments). Your booklet fits perfectly into this campaign and provides lots of useful information on treating minor ailments. Could we have 100 to start please and see how they go."

Veronica Parkes, Practice Manager, Craig Croft Medical Centre

"Thank you for the Community care Guides we received today. The publication is well presented and an excellent resource, bulging with useful local information for the service users & visitors who attend the day centre and also employees who live in the area. I have had some very positive feedback from both groups. We would welcome additional free copies in order to distribute to the wider audience."

Pam Seed, Day Centre Manager, Fosterfield Day Centre

"Would you please pass on to the appropriate department our thanks for the complimentary copy of the Self Care Guide. We are pleased with the presentation of the Helping Hands notice and the position in the book."

Frank Jefferey, Publicity Officer, Helping Hands

"I have been shown a copy of the above excellent publication. It is the type of self care guide that would be very useful in the community information reference collections which we have in all our libraries in Westminster."

Helena Nicholls, Senior Library Assitant, Westminster Reference Library

I would like to say that I'm very happy with the magazine and our published information, we are currently in public and private Health and Social Care settings and wish to provide a unique service delivery.

Jason, KYP Consultancy

As part of our forthcoming CQC registration, GP practices are required to have a Provision of lifestyle information protocol, and provide patients with appropriate leaflets in order for them to help themselves to stay healthy. This guide appears to cover some of those topics and I would be grateful if you could provide the practice with 50 copies so we can monitor how popular they are with the patients.

Jill Moore, North Beverley Medical Centre

"I am impressed with the publication and very happy with our advert. Many thanks for your combined efforts."

Michael Lancaster, Lancaster Wills & Trust

"Advertising with you has boasted my business by 20%. Wish I did this ages ago."

Jay, JDS Property Group

We would like to request 50 of the Just Family booklets for helpful info and local directory.  We were delighted to receive the booklets sent to us. We found them both beautiful and informative and feel they would be of great benefit to the families who visit our Health Centre.

Glenda Stokes, Health Care Support Worker, Child Development Team

"An excellent publication!"

Christine Buffrey
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